TS:A : Hellschreiber c20
TS:B : Hellschreiber Capital in the Face of Our Emotional Poverty 3" cdr
TS:C : Poundland cs
TS:D : Slates New Bug Nation Vol. I cdr
TS:E : [73] DTDK c20


Slates Street of Dreams cdr (Debacle)
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer / Slates split c20 (Gnarled Forest)
Dried Up Corpse / Slates split c15 (Gnarled Forest)
Slates - "Elwha" / "Glines Canyon" on HNW compilation [red on white cover, PT:79] (Phage Tapes)
Slates - "Rainscatter" on Bleak Beauty compilation cdr (Debacle)
Slates - live track on Chickenhed Church presents Chaos Never Dies Day 11​.​9​.​08 compilation cdr (Soccer Mom Ebonics)
Hellschreiber - "Tropospheric Ducting" on Bleak Village Volume I compilation c83 (Gnarled Forest)